Ripco Processing is an innovative company that makes novel, fun and potent cannabis products for medical and recreational users of CBD and THC therapies.

Cannabis Innovation

Cannabis has been with humans a very long time. There are some very traditional ways to enjoy it that really can’t be beat.

But – they can be matched and even enhanced – in ways that are safer, more discrete, predictable and enjoyable.

Ripco is continuously creating new ways to enjoy Canada’s favourite herb – ways that consumers want; ones that can quickly become staples for any type of enthusiast.

Our Facility

Ripco Processing has acquired Craft Botanicals, which operates a licensed 1100 square foot Micro Processing facility in Calgary, Alberta. This is a GPP level facility that will be upgraded to GMP, and is Health Canada Licensed.

Ross’ Gold

Ripco has acquired an interest in the Canadian Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Ross Rebagliati brands.

He is a cannabis pioneer and is a champion against cannabis stigma. He is a recognized cannabis celebrity in Canada and around the world and is an active brand ambassador of Ripco.

Our Brands

Ripco holds the Canadian rights to this patented product. It infuses pre-rolls with intense cannabinoids and reduces the amount of smoke inhaled. Clean burning and easy to use.

An amazing thin film product like a breath strip. Dissolves quickly to deliver discrete, rapid effects.

Ripco fully controls the brand of Ross’ Gold products

• Prerolls
• Premium Cannabis

Products ready for immediate sale

• Full spectrum infused bath salts
• More products in development

RipCo Processing has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Ovation Science Inc., and will be responsible for all regulatory, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution activities for Ovation’s formulations throughout Canada.

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